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 Goods Packing and Packaging

Goods Packing and Packaging

Goods Packaging and Packaging

One of the most important steps of all transportation servicespacking of goods and packing of goods If it is not done correctly, it will cause damage to the goods.. For this reason, corporate companies primarily pay attention to this step..

Özen Nakliyat also provides quality transportation services to its customers.packing and wrapping of goods with his work, It also prevents items from being damaged..

Special Packaging and Packaging Materials

Ozen Transport, cardboard barrels in the packaging and packaging services it provides before moving on to transportation operations., stretch tape, Duct tape, tape, hanging wardrobe, uses materials such as cardboard boxes and air nylon. Taking care of the quality of all these materials,shipping company, to the customer's goods, he treats it like his own belongings and carries out his work with great care. If there are items that need to be assembled before packaging and packaging, the company that makes them accompanied by a carpenter who is an expert in the field, then it ensures that these parts are also packaged..

What Should Be Considered When Packing Goods?

Packaging and packaging operations require great attention. Because it is a very important issue that which item should be covered with which material.. If the right materials are not used in the right items, There is a high probability of damage to the parts.. In addition, the items are numbered while being packed., From which room it was taken, it is also left in that room when it comes to the location to be moved.. Thus, the customer can unpack the items and start placing them immediately..

Correct Material Use in Packing Goods

We said that it is very important to use the right materials during packaging processes.. For example, electronic items that require great care during transportation are first wrapped in Kraft papers., then backed with airy nylons. In addition, breakable items, especially in the kitchen, are transported with the help of cardboard boxes containing foam..

Ozen Nakliyat is always with you

home delivery, office and business transportation, city ​​transportation, intercity transportation, Thanks to the packaging processes carried out with great care in all transportation services such as piece shipments and elevator transportation, your goods will not suffer any impact., It is protected in case of friction and falling..

With you for all your transportation needsOzen Transport, packaging and wrapping It has gained the trust of its customers due to its success in its transactions..